By Mary H.J. Farrell
October 14, 1991 12:00 PM


Aye, caramba! Prince Harry has adopted Bart Simpson as his alter ego and has taken to running around Kensington Palace yelling such classic Bartisms as “Eat my shorts.” Yielding to her son’s enthusiasm for the cartoon character, Princess Diana tossed a Bart Simpson theme party for Harry’s seventh birthday. On Sept. 16, the Prince and 20 pals from Wetherby School were entertained by the Metropolitan Police dog-handling team. Surrounded by boys, Diana made a Bea-line for nieces Beatrice, 3, and Eugenie, 18 months, when they arrived with their mother, Fergie. While the guard dogs gave chase to mock thieves, Fergie and Diana took turns pursuing a toddling Eugenie.


Ten years ago, India Hicks, then 13, and Sarah-Jane Gaselee, then 11, stepped down the aisle as two of the five bridesmaids attending Lady Diana Spencer in her royal wedding. Bui in recent years, Hicks and Gaselee have followed drastically different paths. Hicks is a Ralph Lauren model who currently graces the cover of Britain’s voguish Taller magazine. Gaselee, on the other hand, recently told the tabloid News of the World that she has sunk into debt and depression and revealed that some months ago she had attempted suicide. The daughter of Nick Gaselee, Prince Charles’s former racehorse trainer, Sarah-Jane has worked at a variety of odd jobs and last saw Diana at a 1989 horse race. “People presume I’m very rich because I was Princess Di’s bridesmaid,” she said. “I’m a spendaholic. I can’t stop myself.”


When her brother-in-law, Stefano Casiraghi, was killed a year ago, Monaco’s Princess Stephanie put aside her wild-child ways to comfort her sister. No more. While Princess Caroline remains in semimourning, Stephanie is back on the fast track. On Aug. 28, the rocking royal launched her first concert tour, tied to the release of her second album, Stephanie. Reviews ranged from tepid to cruel. Sniped one reviewer: “Her guitarist did interminable solos while she changed outfits.” Topping it all off, on Sept. 18 Britain’s tabloid the Sun printed a picture of a topless Stephanie in Estoril, Portugal, kissing her supposed bodyguard. “With their sun beds squashed together, she leaned over to him and pressed her lips against his,” the Sun breathlessly wrote of the tryst. “And her minder was soon fondling the body he was supposed to be guarding.”