November 11, 2009 12:00 PM

10 QUESTIONS for Trisha Yearwood

The singer, 45, who is at work on her second cookbook and recently became spokeswoman for Campbell’s Labels for Education program, talks about her favorite music, munchies and life in Oklahoma with husband Garth Brooks.

1 The song that makes me happy is…

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Judy Garland. I think it’s one of the best songs ever written. It’s such a hopeful song.

2 The first album I ever bought was…

Elvis. Any time I had an allowance, I would buy an Elvis record.

3 My favorite DVD is…

Steel Magnolias. I’m a big Shirley MacLaine fan. I know all the lines.

4 My favorite time of year is…

Fall. It reminds me of high school football, college football. I love football.

5 My favorite on-the-road pit stop was…

Flying J truck stops. We’d stop at 2 a.m., get out and have some fried chicken livers and go back to bed. I don’t do that anymore.

6 The first thing I do every morning is…

Have a cup of coffee. Lots of cream, lots of sugar. Garth likes to jump up, and he’ll put the coffee on for me. He makes great coffee.

7 I like spending a Saturday night…

At home. We watch a movie or have friends over, play cards, make food and hang out. Simple stuff. We’re pretty boring.

8 One day I’d like to record with…

Linda Ronstadt. She has such a big, powerful voice. She’s my musical hero.

9 The thing I love to eat but shouldn’t is…

McDonald’s french fries. They’re my favorite thing ever.

10 My best birthday gift ever was…

For my 40th, Garth flew my family to Oklahoma to surprise me. Then he sent me, my mom and my sister to New York City to see Wicked on Broadway. We came back and had a big party.

Halloween SCENE

Check out these country stars dressed in their trick-or-treat best!

Jessica Harp

AGE: 3

“That particular Halloween, I wanted to be something girly, like a princess, but my mom took her first stab at sewing and made my costume herself.”

Carrie Underwood

AGE: 6

“I even slept in my bunny costume,” recalls Underwood.

Gloriana’s Tom and Mike Gossin

AGE: 6 AND 3

The pirate and devil getups “are probably the coolest costumes our mom dressed us up in,” says Mike (left in inset). “The others are too embarrassing to show.”

LeAnn Rimes

AGE: 3

“I love dressing up for Halloween—that was instilled in me early on!” says Rimes.

Lee Ann Womack

AGE: 4

“My mom made the costume, but I thought I was so special because I had a store-bought hat!”



The duo—Kristy Osmunson and Kelley Shepard—will release their CD Fight Like a Girl Oct. 20. Here are three reasons to give them a listen:

1. THEY’RE REGULAR CHICKS: “We’re cute but normal!” says Shepard. Adds Osmunson: “We’re proud of the junk in our trunk.”

2. THEY BELIEVE IN RETAIL THERAPY: “You can tell when I get stressed: I’ll have 800 Target bags,” says Shepard. “Some people eat their feelings; I shop mine.”

3. THEY PUT ON A SHOW: “You never know what is going to happen at a Bomshel concert,” says Osmunson. “I once saw Kelley launch herself off of the speaker.”

Free Music!

Get their hit “Fight Like a Girl” at

Tim McGraw


Tim McGraw the country star has just one look: hot. But Tim the actor mixes it up. After packing on the pounds for Four Christmases, he’s clean-shaven as Sandra Bullock‘s hubby in The Blind Side (out Nov. 20). “I want to keep getting better,” he says. “I’d love to do some action movies.” Let’s hope Hollywood is listening.

Friday Night Lights 2004

Flicka 2006

Four Christmases 2008

FOR SALE $38,000,000



With their oldest away at college, Jackson and his wife, Denise, are selling the 19,000-sq.-ft. home they built in 1997. Known as Sweetbriar, the plantation-style estate sits on 135 acres, includes a 10-acre lake, a vineyard and a 20-car garage and is only 30 minutes from downtown Nashville.

David Nail


The “Red Light” singer said “I Do” at Carnton Plantation in Franklin, Tenn., on June 6. “We wanted something historic and romantic,” Nail says of his nuptials to medical sales associate Catherine Werne, 25. The Missouri native just released his CD I’m About to Come Alive and says, “I can’t imagine success being any sweeter than having someone so important to share it with.”

The yellow cake was “the wife’s idea,” says Nail.


Zac Brown and wife Shelly welcomed Georgia Sloan in Atlanta Sept. 9. The baby weighed in at 8 lbs. 9 oz. and joins Justice, 2 and Lucy, 1.


Taylor Swift, 19, has purchased her first home. The singer, who was living with her parents, bought a condo…. Rascal Flatts became the first country act ever to perform at Chicago’s historic Wrigley Field.


Trace Adkins joins the cast of the indie film Lifted. Adkins will play a country superstar who becomes a guest judge on an American Idol-like show. In other Trace news, he’s the inspiration for a tough Southern action hero named Luke McBain in a comic being launched by 12 Gauge Comics.


Brooks & Dunn are calling it quits after their next tour. Kix Brooks told CMT, “We’re still good friends.”





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