By People Staff
June 30, 2003 12:00 PM

Rosie O’Donnell admits that she doesn’t know much about art. “Madonna used to make fun of me,” says O’Donnell, “because she would have a painting or photo in her house and I would be like, ‘I have that poster!’ ”

Now, however, O’Donnell is creating some original works of her own. Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, O’Donnell, 41, has been making collages and paintings as a way of working through her feelings about world events. “Every time I read a newspaper, I couldn’t throw it out if there was an image that I was so moved or stunned by,” she says. O’Donnell has created more than 1,000 works—four of which are seen exclusively here (others can be viewed at—that she may eventually sell for charity. “I don’t even know if people are going to like them,” she says.

Still, O’Donnell continues to work on her art daily, retreating to a studio on the property of the Nyack, N.Y., home she shares with partner Kelli O’Donnell and their four children: Parker, 8, Chelsea, 5, Blake, 3, and Vivienne, 7 months. “Kelli does their homework with them,” says Rosie, “and when they’re done, they hang out in the studio with me.”