November 20, 2006 12:00 PM

With his Trinidadian good looks, onetime rapper Romany Malco lights up the small screen as a charming dope dealer on Showtime’s Weeds. Offscreen, he’s simply smokin’. The single 38-year-old met up with PEOPLE’s Jenny Sundel.

Do ladies love the shaved scalp?

I get the head rub. I’ve been getting women to shave my head, which is the bomb.

Aren’t you afraid they might nick or cut you?

I like exercising that trust.

Do you cook for women?

All the time. It’s how I express my love and my admiration.

Favorite dish?

Moqueca, a Brazilian dish [fish fillets, coconut milk, tomatoes, etc.].

Do you have a crush on Weeds star Mary Louise Parker?

I have a little crush on her, yeah.

Have you ever kissed her?

Yep. Oh man, hey, no! For work, for work!

Are you thinking about settling down?

I am. I really am. I’m not a player.

You just crush a lot?

Wooo! Yeah! That’s great.

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