By People Staff
March 21, 1994 12:00 PM

SHARON STONE HAS ANNOUNCED SHE will no longer speak publicly about her personal life, preferring, she says, to channel all private experiences “into my work.” But considering her oeuvre since 1992’s Basic Instinct, it seems a shame to skip the interview’s—and lavish all that drama and erotic tension on a bunch of silly movies.

Take, for example, the latest events in Stone’s life. Last month, while on the set of The Quick and the Dead, a Western being shot in Tucson, the 35-year-old star allegedly became romantically involved with Bob Wagner, 27, a second second assistant director. Stone reportedly broke up with her previous boyfriend, producer Bill MacDonald, 37, because, for one thing, his career seemed stalled. Nevertheless it was while watching Wagner run errands and drive her to the set that the actress’s heart took wing. And why not? Wagner is handsome and, according to a co-worker, “bright, kind and completely enamored of Sharon.”

MacDonald was all those things and married, too, when he took up with Stone on the New York City set of Sliver in 1992. But if he left his wife of five months, Naomi Baka, 35, rather suddenly, he also created an opportunity for Joe Eszterhas, 48, the screenwriter on the movie, to sweep her off her feet. Now while MacDonald, in theory at least, has a clear path to Eszterhas’s wife of 25 years, Geri, 52, the producer appears to be lying low. A statement from Stone’s press agent called Bill and Sharon’s parting “amicable”—despite a rumor that she sent her engagement ring back from Arizona via express mail.

The Stone-Wagner relationship may itself take on a certain overnight quality. After all, the actress’s one marriage—to Michael Greenburg, a TV producer—lasted only from 1984 to 1987, and her most famous fling, with Dwight Yoakam (whom she deemed less appealing than a “dirt sandwich”), consumed just six weeks of ’92. Later that year, when the actress was involved with Chris Peters, the then-24-year-old son of producer Jon Peters and actress Lesley Ann Warren, Stone broke things off after six months and announced, “I’m too old for him.”

She may simply be too fast-moving for Wagner, who apparently did not follow her to Miami, where she is now shooting her next movie. The Specialist, billed as a “sensual suspense thriller,” costars Sylvester Stallone and James Woods. At a press conference, Stone laughed easily as Stallone, joking about their impending sex scene, quipped, “I saw Basic Instinct and I am definitely not going to be on the bottom.” Responding to a question about her own role, Stone said that it was basically “a return to the femme fatale thing.”

And what of Wagner, whom one might expect to be beaming broadly and quoting liberally from Lou Gehrig’s famous farewell speech? Instead of looking like the Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth, he seemed, as the week wore on, to be doing a fine impersonation of a femme fatality. When a tabloid-TV team ambushed him and asked if he was still dating Sharon, he could muster only a startled silence and stand frozen—a poor dear, perhaps, caught in the Hard Copy headlights.