By People Staff
December 06, 1999 12:00 PM

What’s this? Could Hollywood’s dishiest daters be toying with their fans? It sure looked that way when Brad Pitt and his best Friend Jennifer Aniston strutted onstage Nov. 21, during a Sting concert at the Beacon Theater in New York City: Aniston flashed a rock on her wedding finger that looked suspiciously like an engagement ring, and “the crowd,” reports one audience member, “went nuts.”

Amid the frenzy, many may have missed the words to the song—”Fill Her Up”—that Sting had invited the duo onstage to sing. On cue, Pitt grabbed Aniston’s left hand and pointed to the bauble as he belted out the lyrics, “Up in the front seat a pretty redhead/ We’re going to Vegas, we’re gonna get wed/ So fill her up, son, don’t be staring/ That’s a real diamond she be wearing.”

The diamond may or may not be real, but was this the Real Deal? Doug Pitt, Brad’s younger brother, scoffs at the idea. “There’s no way in the world he’d give that kind of warning,” he says. “The first time they’ll tell anyone [they’re getting married] is after they’ve done it.” Adds Sherry Aniston, Jennifer’s stepmother: “I had dinner with her last week, and I did not see a diamond ring. We’ve heard nothing.”

If it was a prank, Aniston prolonged it at a postshow party at the Shark Bar in Manhattan, where she and Pitt joined Sting, his wife, Trudie Styler, and the band for shrimp, crab cakes and margaritas. One party-goer recalls a band member’s wife saying to Jennifer, “What a beautiful ring! Are you engaged?” and Jennifer saying, “Yeah!” So affectionate were the pair, who openly kissed and cuddled, that one patron urged them to “get a room!” One request: Just ‘fess up if it’s the honeymoon suite.