October 25, 1993 12:00 PM

STYLE WEAKNESS: Takes his work wardrobe home with him

FASHION STATEMENT: When I say junior, I mean junior!

Last year, no doubt sensing that something was amiss, Robert Downey Jr. attempted some Short Cuts to sharper dressing: “Someone did my Color Me Beautiful chart,” the 28-year-old actor said. “I was told I was a winter and shouldn’t wear any earth colors.” In the Color plan, skin tone (his has a blue undertone) determines one’s most flattering wardrobe hues. (Winters, including Richard Nixon and Cher, should stick mainly to black, white, blue and gray tones). But where did he unearth these fashion strategies? His flapping shirt-tails peek out from beneath too-big jackets that he doesn’t seem to know how to button. The Chaplin star and Best Actor nominee showed up at this year’s Oscars wearing a midnight-blue velvet jacket set off by a chiffon scarf tied in a loopy bow (“mondo bizarro” observed the Chicago Tribune). Maybe playing the Little Tramp had a dizzying effect: He took home the movie wardrobe, and now his wife, fashion model and new mother (the couple had their first child, a son, last month) Deborah Falconer, has the bug. “Debbie’s my size,” Downey said. “And she’s claimed some of the best stuff.” It’s got to look better on her.

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