October 31, 2005 12:00 PM

Commander in Chief‘s Caitlin Wachs, 16, spills her on-set secrets-from doing yoga with Madonna to making out with costar Nicole Richie in the new movie Kids in America

GOING TO THE MAT WITH MADONNA: Madonna taught us some yoga positions [while shooting 2000’s The Next Best Thing] and how to say namaste [the Hindu salutation]. And I drew a picture of her and asked if she would sign it. She was sweet and complimented me on it. I got to see her dressing room. She had this big altar. It was all white, with flowers and candles and Hindu goddesses.

GETTING SCHOOLED BY KEVIN COSTNER: I played Kevin’s daughter [in 2000’s Thirteen Days]. He sat all of us kids down and said, “Okay, this is about the Cuban missile crisis. I’m sure you guys are way too young to have studied it in school.” So he explained to us how he felt when it happened. He said it felt like the world was going to end. He felt like a dad, just a total dad.

LOOKING UP TO GEENA DAVIS: I first saw Geena on the set of the Commander in Chief pilot. I was like, “Wow, she looks like a Greek goddess, so beautiful and statuesque.” She’s also brilliant. It’s interesting to see her between takes doing Sudoku puzzles [a number game]. She’s addicted, and she does the super-duper hardest level. She has twin boys, 17 months old, and a daughter who’s 3½. They come to the set a lot and so does her husband. He’s a surgeon. Sometimes he’ll come in his scrubs and eat with her. It’s so sweet.

KISSING NICOLE RICHIE: At first I was a little nervous. [They play teens who smooch to protest discrimination against a gay classmate.] She was like, “Let’s just go for it!” She actually tackled me when she kissed me. We were just cracking up before and after.

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