January 08, 2007 12:00 PM

Just days before helming Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2007 on Dec. 31 and kicking off American Idol’s sixth season Jan. 16, Hollywood’s überhost Ryan Seacrest, 32, dishes to PEOPLE’S Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna about the single life, Simon Cowell‘s wrinkles and Justin and Cameron’s non-wedded bliss.

How is Dick Clark doing?

He’s improved [since his stroke in 2004]. He was in a great mood last time I saw him, joking about how I should slow down and enjoy this.

On the new Idol so far, who’s been stronger: the girls or the boys?

There are some really beautiful, talented females. They’re hot! But the worst just keep getting more clueless.

Are the judges getting along?

It was your typical situation of Paula and Simon not speaking for a couple days [over what he said to a contestant]. By the next city, everything is fine. Randy is the peacekeeper. He’s the Swiss judge.

So is Paula still being Paula?

[Laughs] America will recognize the consistency with Paula. You need a little yin and yang and Paula.

What about Simon?

I think all the work he’s done in the past year has taken its toll. We may need to use Days of Our Lives soft lighting for him. And he’s more impatient than ever. It’ll make it tougher for the contestants.

Describe your Idol look this year.

I like what Justin [Timberlake] has been doing with the V-neck [sweater] and tie. A suit with a nice V-neck looks amazing.

What about your pals Justin and Cameron Diaz saying they don’t want to get hitched?

They finally figured out the key to success: not getting married. Cameron and Justin are very happy in the relationship they are in.

You kissed Mariah Carey on Rockin’ Eve last year. Christina Aguilera will be on this year. Think you’ll get lucky?

I gotta call and put in a request with her husband, Jordan [Bratman]. She’s a better alternative to cameraman No. 1.

Awww. Aren’t you dating?

Yeah. I went out [with someone the other night]. It was amazing. We had an Italian dinner and then a drink at the Four Seasons. But it’s not serious—I’ll be alone on New Year’s Eve.

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