By People Staff
May 04, 2005 12:00 PM

Making Waves

Full, wavy hair is “an explosion of luxury and shine,” says Matrix stylist Enzo Angileri. And since few women have stick-straight hair, this look is also easy to achieve.


Results Curl Perfection Shampoo, $12; at drugstores


Curl Life Extra Intense Conditioner, $12.95; for locations


Curvaceous Curls Styling Mousse, $3.49; at drugstores

Try This at Home

  • Blow-Dry Your Hair If your hair is wavy, scrunch it while drying with a diffuser.
  • Prepare hair with styling product, then wrap two-inch pieces around a one-inch curling iron—if hair is wavy, don’t do each piece; just even texture.
  • Curl hair around the hairline away from face, says stylist Tasha Reiko Broan. When hair has cooled, run fingers through it for a natural look, then finish with spray or shine serum.