By Jimmy Fallon
January 21, 2008 12:00 PM

Saturday Night Live alum Jimmy Fallon married producer Nancy Juvonen on Dec. 22 in the British Virgin Islands, surrounded by family and friends, including Juvonen’s producing partner Drew Barrymore. The two met on the set of Fallon’s 2005 film Fever Pitch, which Juvonen coproduced. (Next up for him: the drama The Year of Getting to Know Us; for her, the comedy He’s Just Not That Into You.) Fallon shared a few exclusive excerpts from his private wedding journal.

“We avoided the paparazzi. May not have been such a good idea. I gave my mom a disposable camera, and she took 14-pictures of her left shoe.”

“Everything was just perfect. And I’ll tell you this—there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when me and my father danced to ‘Daddy’s Little Girl.'”

“Bill Clinton was there one week before us at the Google wedding. I’m proud to say my dad beat his keg-stand record.”

“I got a message for one of the Google guys: I have your camera charger, and I’m willing to trade it for stock options.”

“If you lose your virginity in the British Virgin Islands, that still counts in the U.S., right?”

“I’m still getting used to the ring. I haven’t worn jewelry since my embarrassing Mr. T phase in seventh grade.”

“We both took each other’s name, and I’m proud to say that my new name, now and forever, will be Mr. Jancy Falvonen.”