May 18, 2015 12:00 PM

Sofia Vergara is late. It’s a sunny spring day in Miami and the Colombian actress is keeping Reese Witherspoon waiting. “I don’t blame her—she has so much family here,” says Witherspoon, using the extra minutes to FaceTime her 2-year-old son. “If we were in Tennessee, I would be the same way.” An odd couple in their new comedy Hot Pursuit—Witherspoon, 39, is a socially awkward cop and Vergara, 42, a teetering diva—the two women talked with PEOPLE about coffee, kids and a certain bachelorette party.

You two share quite a kiss in this movie.

SOFIA: That was important for me. I always wanted to be on the screen with an Oscar winner making out.

REESE: We did it for, like, two or three days. It’s Sofia! The second day we went back, I called my husband [Jim Toth] and was like, “I have to go back to work today and kiss Sofia all day.” He’s like, “Um, you need to stop complaining. A lot of people would be very excited.”

SOFIA: You’ve done worse things, I’m sure!

Did your families join you on-set in New Orleans?

SOFIA: My son [Manolo, 22] was with me. My mom was, like, drinking hurricanes!

REESE: My kids [Ava, 15, Deacon, 11, and Tennessee, 2] were there; my mom came. It was a real family thing. My niece Abby James Witherspoon plays me in the movie. It was so cute.

SOFIA: You should have asked Ava to be the 16-year-old you.

REESE: Ava doesn’t want to do that.

What’s the biggest surprise you learned about each other?

SOFIA: She eats a lot! She’s very delicate and petite, but she eats a lot.

REESE: This one eats cake. I’ve never seen somebody eat so much cake in my entire life.

SOFIA: And I’ve never seen someone drink more coffee than you. I mean, I’m the Colombian one.

REESE: My husband gets mad at me. He’s like, “You drink too much coffee.” I try to only have two cups in the morning and that’s it, but it gets to be 4 o’clock and I’m so tired.

SOFIA: But it also depends on the day. It’s different when you’re at home or on a set. You drink more on a set, of course.

REESE: No. I drink more when I’m at home with all my children. It’s 4 o’clock and I want to lie down and take a nap. It’s like, “I HAVE TO DRINK COFFEE.”

A lot of the comedy in Hot Pursuit centers on your different body types. If you could switch bodies, Freaky Friday-style, what’s the first thing you’d do?

SOFIA: I would wear all the miniskirts that she wears. She has great legs, and she can wear anything she wants. Now I’m like, “Eh.” I don’t feel that comfortable wearing tiny miniskirts. I used to when I was younger.

REESE: I would make a lot of prank calls in Sofia’s voice. I’d call all my friends and be like [puts on Colombian accent], “Holaaaaa, this is Sofia; I just wondering if I can come to your house … ”

SOFIA: I’d have more fun with her legs!

Sofia, you’re planning your wedding to actor Joe Manganiello. How’s it going?

SOFIA: Great. It’s a lot of details. I’m trying to make it fun. I don’t want it to be, like, a stressful situation. I just want to enjoy it. The last time I got married, it was, like, two decades ago.

Are you going, Reese?

SOFIA: She’d better go!

REESE: Are you kidding me? Are we gonna have a bachelorette party?

SOFIA: I don’t know. In Colombia we don’t have bachelorette party.

REESE: Oh, wow. Just wait. I’ll throw you a bachelorette party.

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