February 20, 2006 12:00 PM

SHERYL CROW traded preshow denim for dazzling Ralph Lauren.

AMERIE went from sporty to spangly in Tommy Hilfiger.

LINDSAY LOHAN ditched her large shades and donned curve-hugging Calvin Klein.

The Front Row


These celebs skipped the shows, but still made the scene …

Rachel Bilson Gets Dressed


What was it like meeting designer Luca Orlandi?

I hadn’t met him before. And now I get to wear this dress. I’m excited. I feel like a little girl getting dressed up to go to a party.

How long did the fitting take?

Not that long, actually. I’d have to say about 45 minutes.

How did you decide on this dress?

This was the last one I tried on and it just felt right. I love how it’s embroidered. It has a classic shape, but it’s different. The details are just so cool.

This is your first Fashion Week, right?

Yes. I’m excited, a little nervous. I don’t know what to expect—I’m going to have an anxiety attack!

Do you get to keep the dress?

I don’t think so. It’s all hand-done and a really special dress, so I wouldn’t want to take it away.


Carrie Underwood

There’s one born every season—a newbie who’s front row and center at show after show. Carrie Underwood hit Sass & Bide, Kenneth Cole, Nicole Miller, Y&Kei and more. “It’s like shopping without actually shopping. The clothes come to me!”

Behind the Seams

DOLLED UP: She’s a doctor and an astronaut, and now Barbie is the star of Fashion Week. On Feb. 10, Olympus Fashion Week comes to an end with Project Runway‘s show—and the new Project Runway My Scene Barbie goes on sale in an outfit created by contestant Nick Verreos. But she’s already a hit; pre-orders poured in for the limited-edition doll, and as for Verreos, he says he’s become “a 38-year- old man screaming over a Barbie.” …

Project Runway My Scene Barbie, $24.95; http://www.projectrunway.com

FORMAL UNDRESS: Pamela Anderson wasn’t the most scantily clad person at the M.A.C Chinese New Year party that kicked off the week. Twelve models were completely nude—except for the full-body paint that 50 M.A.C makeup artists applied to them to resemble traditional Qipao dresses. The art outfits may have looked skimpy, but over 20 lbs. of makeup was used and it took 10 hours to put them on….

WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS: “I see Paris” was a common refrain during Fashion Week. But that wasn’t Paris Hilton flashing her signature pout in the front row of the Nicole Miller show. It was lookalike Natalie Reid, a pseudo-Paris filming a segment about life as Her Hiltonness. Judging by the warm reception Reid received, Epcot isn’t the only place a fake Paris belongs….

SNAP HAPPY: At the shows, Mya was eyeing more than the dresses—she set her sights on a second career in design. “I’ve been sketching since I was 14,” she says. “I designed my own prom dress.” She was doing research at Luca Luca, discreetly shooting photos of each look. But Mya says she won’t start producing her line until “maybe 2008,” explaining, “there’s no need to rush fashion.”


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