November 07, 1994 12:00 PM

ARE ALL AMERICANS UNHAPPY with their bodies, or does it only seem that way? Does everybody want fab abs and a minimal gluteus maximus? Is this why Tamilee Webb makes big bucks trimming big butts?

Better believe it. Webb’s Abs of Steel 2000 videotape is No. 1 on Billboard’s health and fitness video chart, her Abs of Steel is No. 4 and her Buns of Steel 3 is No. 19. The one-woman muscle foundry behind all this steel-pumping—a real fitness trainer, for a change, not a model or actress—is a 36-year-old bundle of low body fat who lives in Salt Lake City with her surgeon husband, Paul Chasan, 33. The second of four children of a California cattle-ranching family, Webb was not always well-reared. “My brothers used to call me Bubble Butt until I ran to my room crying,” she says.

A lifetime of working out—and training other people at such tony spas as California’s Golden Door—changed all that, and by 1986 Balanced Fitness, her first video, was released. Webb, who never diets, spends no more than an hour each day tending to her own fabulous bod. “You should exercise to give yourself strength in your heart and lungs,” she says. “Then all the things on the outside take care of themselves.”

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