By People Staff
November 22, 2004 12:00 PM

The Apprentice

Raj Bhakta may have been rejected on The Apprentice, but that hasn’t stopped the real estate developer from competing as a suitor. After Bhakta, 28, was fired Nov. 4, he sauntered over to ask Donald Trump’s receptionist Robin Himmler to “pony up” her phone number. She demurred, but Bhakta later acquired her digits from Trump’s office. “We’ve had a couple of good conversations,” he says, but, alas, “Robin made it clear she has a boyfriend.” Not that he’s giving up. “It simply means there’ll have to be extra effort on my part,” he says. Though “I’m not ready to launch a major attack—yet.”

America’s Next Top Model

No doubt, Toccara Jones stood out. Before the plus-size contestant from Dayton, Ohio, got eliminated on the Nov. 10 episode of UPN’s competition America’s Next Top Model, she’d established herself as a fan favorite. But what the judges saw as her recent lack of enthusiasm and growing frustration with the process helped seal her fate. Now that she’s gone, the 5’9″, 180-lb. Toccara still has high hopes: “I want to be the world’s first black plus-size supermodel,” she says. “It’s so important to me because plus-size modeling is being ignored.” She also sees herself as a role model. “It’s a shame that little girls have to look at images of models and think they’re normal when actually a normal-size woman is a 14. Then they become anorexic to fit this false image. I want women to know that you can be beautiful at any size.”