July 12, 2004 12:00 PM

The Bachelorette’s

Meredith Phillips & Ian McKee

They’ve been living together for almost four months now in Marina del Rey, Calif., but Phillips and her fiancé haven’t so much as thumbed through a bridal magazine. “I’ve never, ever even pictured myself doing the girly things that involve a wedding,” says Phillips, 30. Adds McKee, 29, who has left his job in equity-research sales: “I’d rather spend money on a trip than on details like what a napkin looks like.”

In fact they’re recently back from the Dominican Republic, where they windsurfed—he’s teaching her to sail too—and bought paintings they plan to hang…someday. Their current place is too dark, says McKee, “like a cave. But we’re so easy on each other, we’re not at each other’s throats.” Phillips, who still does some modeling, gladly handles making both the morning coffee (“I like it really strong”) and the evening meal. “I like getting in there and experimenting, and he’s my guinea pig.” But she’s the clotheshorse, taking up most of the closet space. Basically, says McKee, “I get to hang my suit under the sink.” Says Meredith: “It’s true!”

Survivor’s Rupert Boneham

For a guy who’s rarely made more than $20,000 a year, Boneham, 40, sure knows how to spend money. Since taking home the Survivor: All-Stars $1 million popularity prize on May 13—about $500,000 after taxes, he notes—he has paid almost $200,000 for a ranch-style house in Indianapolis; purchased a $110,000 pre-paid college plan for his 5-year-old daughter Raya; set up a trust fund for his mom; and written a $100,000 check to start a foundation for the troubled kids he mentors. The windfall is going fast, but Boneham isn’t worried—in part because he’s now making money from motivational speeches and appearances and is talking with several TV networks about possible projects. Despite the demands on his time, wife Laura, 35, and Raya remain his top priorities. “Raya starts kindergarten next year,” he says. “She says I’m going to go to school every day with her for show-and-tell because I’m a cool dad.”

Survivor’s Rob Mariano & Amber Brkich

It’s more like a Category 5 hurricane,” says Mariano of his eight-week whirlwind as one-half of Survivor: All-Stars’ big romance. Since he proposed on live TV and she pocketed $1 million on May 9, the former construction worker, 28, and the ex-health club employee, 25, have enjoyed parties in Vegas and Atlantic City and celeb golf tournaments. “This is a kid from Boston and a chick from Pittsburgh, and we’re sippin’ champagne on private jets,” says Mariano. They’ve signed with an agent, who has them booked through next fall. And the wedding, when it happens, may well be a prime-time blowout. “But you know what the coolest part is?” he says. “We’ve gotten to do everything together. We make a great team.”

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