By People Staff
February 17, 2003 12:00 PM


…That was some messy week Bachelorette reject Greg Todtman had. First Trista Rehn gives the 28-year-old importer the heave-ho on national television after she pays a visit to his sloppy Manhattan bachelor pad. Then he goes and gets himself arrested and charged with trying to sneak a bit of cocaine onto a N.Y.-to-L.A. flight Jan. 31. Todtman denied any wrong-doing and told reporters it was just codeine tablets wrapped in foil. “Learn a lesson from me,” he said. “Have a prescription, and don’t have a piece of aluminum foil next to something that doesn’t have a label on it.” Noted!…Sorry, girls, you’ll have to take your long legs elsewhere. Starting Feb. 19 Season 2 of CBS’s Star Search is nixing the “Model” category and slotting in “Dance.”…


Are You Hot?

ABC, FEB. 13

In the words of one ABC executive, “This is a contest where intelligence and achievement have absolutely no bearing.” It’s about the bod—clothed and stripped. A contest to find the nation’s sexiest man and woman, Hot relies on celebrity judges (Lorenzo Lamas, Rachel Hunter and designer Randolph Duke) to size up candidates—and slap down ones with unfab abs. The winners split what’s expected to be a sizeable cash prize, regardless of whether they know long division.


Fairy-tale endings? Not for The Bachelor. The ABC series ended Nov. 20 with a romantic clinch as 28-year-old Springfield, Mo., banker Aaron Buerge proposed to Gloucester City, N.J., school psychologist Helene Eksterowicz, 27. Buerge now confirms that their engagement was over by New Year’s. “There has not been any dagger throwing,” says Buerge, who denies any unfaithfulness by either party. The ex-couple keep in touch by e-mail but will reunite and explain all for an upcoming ABC special. He, for one, has likely been too busy for love. He’s opening a restaurant in Springfield and getting ready to speak at a convention-fittingly—”on dealing with the media.”


Is tying the knot so different from getting tied up in knots? You betcha, as the Smoking Gun Web site demonstrated with its Jan. 29 revelations about Joe Millionaire finalist Sarah Kozer. Calling herself Cindy Schubert, the L.A. mortgage-broker trainee had performed in a string of foot-fetish and bondage movies, including The Agony of De Feet, Sublime Stockings and Novices in Knots. “I’m not ashamed,” says Kozer, 29, who adds that FOX knew all from the get-go. She’s fully clothed in the kinky flicks—there is nudity in other scenes—and says she did them to pay off student loans. But not solely. “I thought, ‘Fabulous. I’m going to get some free shoes!’ ”


•Me Tarzan, You Enemy

The sixth Survivor kicks off Feb. 13 with a sexy twist: This time teams will be boys vs. girls.

  • Hazardous Materials
  • Ten-ft.-long alligators swim the Rio Negro River, while anacondas drape the trees.
  • Fit as Anyone
  • Christy Smith, 24, an adventure guide for deaf children, is the first survivor with an impairment. Hard of hearing from birth, she reads lips.
  • Lying Low
  • To explain taking unpaid leave for his secret 39—day trip, high-school principal Butch Lockley, 50, began acting droopy around his colleagues. The result: “Rumors spread that I had cancer, was having a breakdown—or was drinking.”


In: George Trice, 21, of Henderson, Tenn., picked to be a last-minute sub on American Idol’s team of finalists. Out: Jaered Andrews, 21, from Youngstown, Ohio, bounced from Idol when officials learned that he had been in a pro hip-hop band—”a reminder,” his dad says, “of how brutal this industry can be.”