May 11, 1998 12:00 PM


San Antonio

Although he directs a periatric ER, DR. Brian Bates, 37 (center), doesn’t have much in common with George Clooney. “I don’t look like him or make what he makes—although my son would love for me to be Batman,” says the blond, 5’7″ father of two. He is, however, in TV-star shape, thanks to tea kwon do classes and “Picking up my 2-year-old.” Colleague Jennifer Hitzfelder, 34 (left), stays at her best with step aerobics, yoga and a low-fat diet. “If I look sloppy, patients might think, ‘She does’t take care of herself how is she going to take care of me?’ ” says the 5’4 nurse, who expects her first child next mouth. Nurse Rebecca Terrazas, 41 agrees. And though she belives scrubs are unflattering (‘They make you bottom look wide and your waist big”), She keeps her spirits and energy up with bottled water, yogurta and regular lipstick touch-ups. She also jokes that she wouldn’t mind a little ER-style romance. “I wish our personal lives were as exciting as theirs,” says the 5’8″ divorced mother of two. “i’ve never and any linen-room action.”


Santa Monica

After nearly two decades in the ER, Dr. Alan Heilpern, 45 (center), has learned how to make patients feel better—and himself took better while he does it: tea bag compresses. “The tannin,” says the 5’9″ father of two, “helps when my eyes are baggy.” Tim Meek, 41, who also has two kids, falls back on other tricks, including extra-close shaves (“I don’t do stubble”) and weight training: “Exercise makes me need less sleep,” says the 5’9″ nurse. Kathy Brannan, 28, works out too. but relies on natural stamina to get through her 12-hour shifts. “I’m known as the nurse with the big hair and lots of energy,” says the 57″ former Miss Marin County, who is single. “I try to contain it, bottle it up and save it for later.”



“At the end of a shift, none of us looks too good, but you want to look presentable,” says 5’4″ nurse Heather Hernandez, who is known around the ER for her long, manicured nails. ‘There’s nothing worse than chewed-up cuticles,” advises Hernandez, who is 27 and married. Fellow nurse Craig La Russo, 38 (far left), a 5’8″ father of two, avoids the bedraggled look by brightening up his scrubs with colorful T-shirts and keeping his beard short (“so I don’t have to do daily shaves”). But Dr. Al Johnson, 34, sees an advantage to more facial hair. “Guys with a 5 o’clock shadow probably get more sympathy,” says the 5’11” physician, who is engaged. “It adds to the ‘I’ve-been-up-all-night, be-nice-to-me look.’ ”



Dr. Andy Exposito, 31 (right, and below, second from left), loves his scrubs. “They’re baggy, so they forgive you where you don’t look great,” says the 5’10” resident, who is single. “And everybody knows pajamas are sexy.” But the 6’3″ Dr. Chris Haddad, 35 (below), the father of a 1-year-old child, thinks the secret to looking good on an ER schedule is feeling good. “You have to have comfortable shoes,” says Haddad, who wears sneakers with extra inner-soles. “Seriously, it’s just balancing things: Don’t bring work home, get regular exercise.”

Workouts are also key for colleague Alicia Galvan, 21 (below, left), who goes to the gym daily and eats a strict low-fat diet. “Lots of vegetables,” says the 5’3″ medical secretary, who is single. “And I never have chocolate. Ever.” Clerk Karen Letourneau, 34, relies on a high-protein, no-flour diet and snack bars from the health-food store. Says the single, 5’9″ Letourneau: “I’m not really into the gym.”



Nurse Ms Castrillo, 30 (left), jokes that sometimes she heals without trying. “Patients will say, ‘Man, your beauty just cured me,’ ” says the single, 5’4″ Castrillo, who hones those good looks with meditation. Neurosurgery fellow Sandra Kaufmann, 29, who is engaged, doesn’t hear much from her patients (“Most of them are comatose,” admits the 5’5″ physician), but colleagues admire her smooth complexion, which she nurtures with vitamin E capsules.

The male staff at this Miami trauma center wins attention too. Radiologist Robert Henry, 37 (second from left), who tends his 6-foot body with protein shakes and weight training, concedes that patients often ask if he’s married: “When I say no, they say, ‘Oh, I have a great girl for you.’ ” That’s also true for 5’10” Jorge Corbato, 33 (below), dubbed Studly because of the attention he gets from ER visitors. “I even had one patient’s mother hitting on me,” says the single CAT-scan technician, who stays fit racing motorcycles. But Dr. Fuad Moussa, 29 (right), whom the staff calls the Hunk because of his 6-foot runner’s body, found a surefire cure to the come-ons. “Everyone,” says colleague Dr. Deena Evans, “was disappointed when he got married.”

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