May 06, 2013 12:00 PM


Melissa Fisher

Hometown: Chicago


Sunita Param-Olazábal

Hometown: Los Angeles


Beth Buczkowski

Hometown: Endicott, N.Y.


Mercedez McDowell

Hometown: Indianapolis

SHE’S 23

Mercedez McDowell

The self-described “free spirit” who does marketing and PR for a nonprofit takes the natural approach to beauty. “I’ll mix oatmeal and organic honey together, and that will be my face wash,” she says. “If I have dark spots, I’ll use natural lemon juice. I don’t put chemicals on my face.”

SHE’S 31

Melissa Fisher

“I’m addicted to the Clarisonic,” says the mortgage underwriter of the face-cleansing brush. She also makes an effort to moisturize every night, and as for her makeup routine, “I usually just use concealer, lip balm and purple mascara because it really complements my green eyes.”

SHE’S 42

Sunita Param-Olazábal

She’s the co-owner of a catering company, a piano teacher and the mom of a 5-year-old, so she rarely has time for makeup. “I’ll just put on lip gloss and curl my lashes,” she says. Her beauty philosophy? “If you’re feeling good in mind, body and spirit, you’re going to look good.”

SHE’S 51

Beth Buczkowski

“Turning 50 was an awakening,” says the vocal coach and mom of three. “I thought, ‘I just have to embrace growing older.’ ” Her skin-care strategy: “My hairdresser used to say changing up your products is good for your hair, so I do the same with skin care. I never use the same products every day.”

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