By People Staff
November 08, 2006 12:00 PM


The way guitarist Joe Don Rooney tells it, Rascal Flatts sounds more like a fraternity than a multiplatinum group that has sold more than 12 million CDs. “We’re easygoing guys who get in our sweats, sit on the couch, watch football, eat pizza and drink beer,” says Rooney. “Just good, down-home guys.” Each with his own quirk. Admits Rooney, 31, who’s never far from a hair-straightening iron: “It takes me a long time to get ready.” Lead singer Gary LeVox, 36, is “eaten up with hunting,” says Rooney. “He watches the Outdoor Channel and is always fishing.” Then there’s tech-savvy bassist Jay DeMarcus, 35, who is “a studio hermit to the point of being a computer nerd,” says Rooney. Not that they don’t find common ground: The trio share a passion for PlayStation 2. (Game of choice? Guitar Hero, but “we suck at it,” says Rooney.) And all three swear by the same marriage mantra. When Rooney, the last bachelor of the band, tied the knot in April, LeVox and DeMarcus gave this advice to the groom: “Be positive and accept the fact that you are wrong, and your marriage will last forever.”