July 11, 2012 12:00 PM

• What was the first CD you bought?

Bush’s Razorblade Suitcase-random! I was on a choir trip and bought a couple of CDs my mom wouldn’t have wanted me to buy if I was with her. I loved it.

• First concert?

Alan Jackson and Faith Hill at the Tulsa State Fair when I was 10. We had the worst seats, superhigh and behind a pillar. I’d been a fan of Alan’s, but Faith was just getting hot. Seeing this gorgeous female taking command of the stage left such an impression on me.

• What’s your preshow music?

I love goofy stuff like Wham! It’s impossible to listen to Wham! and not want to dance silly.

• Favorite workout music?

Maybe Avenged Sevenfold. It’s kind of angry and makes me hunker down and feel like, “What’s 20 more push-ups? No big deal!”

• What CD would you take to a deserted island?

Something from an awesome time in my life, like Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American. It takes me back to college, having fun, not worrying about anything.

• Favorite love song?

Our wedding song, “Love Never Fails,” by Christian artist Brandon Heath. He sang it for us at our wedding. It’s about something bigger than yourself.

• What song makes you cry?

I turn those songs off! There’s a song called “Forever Changed” on my new album about a mom and her life and getting married and having a baby. I love the song so much, but I’ll be fighting playing it in concert. I don’t think I could do it!

• What does your husband sing to you?

He loves to sing but doesn’t know the words to anything. Since he plays hockey, he hears 15-second song clips in the rink, and that’s all he knows. But when my songs come on the radio, he won’t let me change the channel. He’ll stop my hand and he’ll sing. Don’t think he’s being sweet, though. I think he wants to annoy me by making fun of my songs!

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