May 19, 2008 12:00 PM

Your commitment-phobic character Kevin finally ties the knot with his boyfriend Scotty [Luke MacFarlane] in the May 11 episode. Why now?

It takes a long time to discover who you are in a relationship. It was a long process for Kevin in realizing Scotty was the one.

You’re straight. Were you apprehensive about playing a gay man?

No, it was never an issue. I relish the part because it was written so well. Kevin isn’t governed by his sexuality; it’s just one characteristic. I thought that was refreshing—and long overdue.

Luke recently announced he is gay …

We absolutely supported him 100 percent. It was very brave of him.

How is costar Dave Annable as a wingman?

Dave’s thing is to tell people I’m putting on an accent and that I’m from Indiana. One girl said, “I hate when American boys do that” and didn’t believe me the whole night. He’s the ultimate saboteur.

You’re from Cardiff, Wales. Anything you miss about home?

L.A. is fantastic, and I’ve tried to embrace it as much as possible. I’ve even taken up surfing. But I can’t find real fish and chips!

Does your Welsh accent ever sneak through?

All the time. [Executive producer] Ken Olin shouted once, “Cut. Can you not sound like you’re from Middle Earth?”

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