October 26, 1992 12:00 PM

WELL, WE THINK WE DRESS JUST fine. We’ve gone through our closets, updated our images and zoomed into Fall 1992 looking as fashionable as all get-out. We’re a roaring success in animal prints, menacingly sexy in black leather and incredibly hip in pants-that-we-put-on-backward (intentionally…in most cases).

But enough about the 20-odd arbiters of style who put together this new, improved, expanded version of PEOPLE’S annual Best & Worst Dressed issue. You’ll just have to take our word for how fabulous we all look. What you won’t have to take on faith is how simply swell (or memorably misguided) the celebs themselves looked this year. The proofs here, in 59 pages of telling Technicolor and tell-all detail, thanks to photographers like Dana Fineman, who shot Annette Bening. Christopher Little also deserves mention for taking his camera where few have ventured before—into the recesses of Joan Rivers’s closet (page 110).

But what’s life without a little risk? In that spirit, we also went out on a well-toned limb and actually named the 10 classiest and trashiest dressers of the year. We’re very happy for the 10 Best Dressed winners. Frankly, though, we’re a mite defensive about having to single out the Worst Dressed sinners. But we stand by the evidence: Pictures by the likes of Fineman and Little don’t lie, as you’ll enjoy for yourselves, beginning on page 52.

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