April 15, 1985 12:00 PM

After years of fending off prying cameramen with scowls, 20-year-old Princess Stephanie of Monaco is turning the other cheek—straight toward the lenses of the world’s top fashion photographers. In January the size 8 (5’8″, 120 pounds) Stephanie completed her apprenticeship with the House of Dior and got her first taste of modeling—an ad for La Prairie cosmetics in return for a $50,000 donation to the Princess Grace Foundation. Next she signed with Paul Hagnauer’s First Agency in Paris, starting right at the top ($7,000 to $10,000 a day) with covers for Elle and German Vogue. These poses are from a shoot for the Italian magazine Moda in which she modeled and mugged. “She works more like an actress than a model; in front of the cameras she’s transformed—it’s a quality that only stars have,” says Elle photographer Gilles Tapie. “Being a princess is certainly part of her appeal,” says Karen Hilton of New York’s Wilhelmina Models, who handles Stephanie exclusively in the U.S. “She’s handsomely pretty, she has an extraordinary body—and, of course, quite a story.” Last week Stephanie was in a Paris hospital recovering either from the flu (the palace line) or, as some of her friends suggest, the fast life. Stephanie is due to arrive in New York later this month to shoot covers for Vogue, New York and Mademoiselle, says Hilton. Her androgynous look is right in style. Says agent Hagnauer, “We’re in the 20th century. You can be a princess, you can be beautiful—and you can still have a job.”

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