June 23, 2003 12:00 PM


Prince Harry led some new arrivals to chapel on his first day at Eton, near Windsor, in 1998.

Radio station poster

Judging from his decor, the Prince prefers indie rock.

Princess Di

Harry’s late mother captured in a portrait by Mario Testino.

Duchy Originals water

From a line of organic products created by his dad.

Halle Berry
The Prince’s favorite Hollywood obsession takes center stage.

Lynx deodorant

No British-teen chick magnet goes without it.

Family snapshot

With Charles and members of the Highgrove polo team.

Harry clearly relished his role in Much Ado About Nothing, particularly the dance scenes.

Harry’s commanding presence at a cadet parade May 27 (above) fueled rumors he’ll join the army. Even as a top-ranked officer in Eton’s Combined Cadet Force, the Prince shines his own boots before inspections (right).

“He has our father’s [artistic] talent,” Prince William has said of his brother Harry, referring to Prince Charles’s passion for painting with watercolors. Harry’s artwork, on public display for the first time in these photos taken at Eton’s art studio (including, right, Harry posing with a wooden skeleton), were reportedly inspired by aboriginal art from Australia.

All meals are provided, but Harry helps himself to toast and Marmite, a salty yeast spread.

Harry’s mismatched socks denote membership in more than one Eton sports team.

Harry’s 50-student dorm, known as Manor House, is presided over by a master, his wife, their daughter and a pair of springer spaniels (above).

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