August 25, 2003 12:00 PM

Guys have been moving in with their girlfriends for centuries. And so what if a guy’s pad is a grand 19th-century mansion? He’s still going to fight over the remote, and he’s still going to have to tell his mum—in this case, the Queen of England.

Her Majesty was apparently not too bent out of shape by the news that Prince Charles, 54, his sons William and Harry, plus his longtime soulmate Camilla Parker Bowles, 56, will be moving in together at Clarence House, the

former residence of the late Queen Mum that has been freshened up with a $10 million renovation. Royal watchers are all aquiver wondering if the move is a prelude to the long-anticipated wedding bells. Opinion polls have shown a growing acceptance of Camilla, and a Palace source says she has a “perfectly civil and amicable” relationship with Princes William, 21, and Harry, 18. Camilla has been careful not to behave like a bossy stepmother or even to be seen with them in public. “There is a logical decision not to push it,” says her biographer Christopher Wilson, “and so there is no warmth or friendship between them.”

Perhaps that will change at Clarence House. Charles and Camilla have adjoining suites on the second floor; the boys have bedrooms one floor up (they share a sitting room they can “trash,” a Palace official says). More rooms on the fourth floor are for servants and the princes’ crashing pals (five ground-floor rooms are open for public tours at $8 a pop). Can four endlessly scrutinized Brits find happiness in a sprawling mansion? Hey, it works for the Osbournes.

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