December 31, 1990 12:00 PM

They’re beautiful, they’re talented, they have clout in many worlds—showbiz, politics, the British Empire. Some are in the first blush of love. Some have withstood the test of decades. And some may not make it to Valentine’s Day. They are all contenders for Power Couple of 1990. They have been rated, purely subjectively, on a scale of 0 to 100, based on such criteria as Joint Checking Account, Altruism, Long-Term Potential, Sex Appeal, Career Ups and Downs and the all-inclusive, all-important Extra Credit.

A few months back the rumormongers weren’t giving this three-year marriage more than a Ghost of a chance. They were here, they were there, they were everywhere…but together. Maybe it was just work related. After all, it’s been a huge year for BRUCE WILLIS, 35, and DEMI MOORE, 28.

Career Ups and Downs: Ups only for these two. Bruce had Die Hard 2 and The Bonfire of the Vanities as well as a reprise of his extremely well-paid speaking part in Look Who’s Talking. Demi revitalized her career with Ghost, the year’s top grosser.

Track Record: Moore has been married twice before; it’s Bruce’s first time.

Altruism: Vocal supporters of Big Green, California’s failed environmental initiative.

Real Estate: $8 million Manhattan triplex and a Malibu beach house.

Extra Credit: Cute kid points for 2-year-old daughter, Rumer, and extra extra credit for the sequel, Baby 2, due in the summer. 90

AHMAD RASHAD was a hotshot wide receiver, but he’s the first to tell you his greatest catch was his wife of five years, PHYLICIA RASHAD.

Career Ups and Downs: Phylicia, 42, had another good year as The Cosby Show weathered the challenge of The Simpsons. Ahmad, 41, continues to pile up points on TV, adding NBC basketball reporting to his football expertise.

Track Record: Third time for each (four children between them from earlier go-rounds).

Extra Credit: He proposed on the air during a pregame show. 67

Finally, after 12 years and two children, MICK JAGGER and JERRY HALL did the right thing. Immediate bonus points simply for getting married.

Sex Appeal: Jerry, 34, keeps getting better-looking. Mick, 47, doesn’t look a day over 60.

Joint Checking Account: After a long, long career, Jagger is one of the richest men in rock and roll.

Extra Credit: Exotic wedding location (Bali); unexpected spiritual journey (both converted to Hinduism). 65

Lifelong chemistry points go to PAUL NEWMAN, 65, and JOANNE WOODWARD, 60, who played opposite each other in Mr. & Mrs. Bridge, their eighth film together.

Altruism: Hard to beat. Most profits from Newman’s line of food products go to charity. They also established a camp for kids with cancer and blood diseases.

Long-Term Potential: They’ve been married for 32 years, a mighty big number in their line of work. No reason to believe they won’t become the Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy of the next generation. 82

If sex appeal were the only category, these two would win on hair and cheekbones alone. L.A. Law’s HARRY HAMLIN, 38, has been seeing Knots Landing’s NICOLETTE SHERIDAN, 26, for almost a year.

Joint Checking Account: Harry rakes in an estimated $1.3 million a year for Law, while Nicolette reportedly earns $60,000 an episode for Landing.

Long-Term Potential: Hard to say. For Harry, love is blond. He spent four years with Ursula Andress and was married to another blond, actress Laura Johnson, for another four. 70

In the year Ellis Island was rededicated and redecorated, it’s nice to see a couple of immigrants doing so well in America. TINA BROWN, 36, is the editor who revived Vanity Fair. HAROLD EVANS, 62 and former editor of the Times of London, launched successful Traveler magazine and just became publisher of Random House.

Extra Credit: Brown gets a $25,000-plus clothing allowance on top of her $200,000-plus salary.

Long-Term Potential: Married nine years with two children, but let’s not forget the May-December factor. 73

The highlight of the year for DIANE SAWYER, 45, was her PrimeTime Live interview with Maria Maples. MIKE NICHOLS, 59, directed the acclaimed Postcards from the Edge. They were married in 1988; first time for Diane, fourth for Mike.

Joint Checking Account: Sawyer makes a reported $1.6 million a year; Nichols earns an estimated $3 million per film.

Sex Appeal: So smart, so pretty, such great hair (we’re talking about Diane).

Long-Term Potential: Good, if four marriages are enough for one man. 63

JOHNNY DEPP, 27, and WINONA RYDER, 19, got engaged last winter, before making Edward Scissorhands together. Now they have matching rings (extra credit), and he has WINO-NA FOREVER tattooed on his arm.

Public Displays of Affection: Points for tasteful smooching.

Fashion Sense: Needs work.

Long-Term Potential: Depp has been engaged twice before and never made it down the aisle. On the other hand, considering that tattoo, what are the chances Johnny cound find another Winona if they broke up? 57

RICHARD GERE, 41, was in exile from stardom until Pretty Woman and Internal Affairs put him back on top. He met his very own pretty woman, CINDY CRAWFORD, at a barbecue two years ago. Crawford, 24, has been a top model for six years and now makes an estimated $600,000 a year as a Revlon spokeswoman. And her calendar is selling well too.

Track Record: Uncharted waters. Neither has been married before.

Sex Appeal: Off the meter.

Long-Term Potential: Cindy says she wants to start a family. Your move, Richard. 71

The whole world watched their courtship and fairy-tale wedding. Someday, PRINCE CHARLES will be King of England and DIANA will be his queen.

Joint Checking Account: Very strong; excellent growth possibilities.

Fashion Sense: Di, 29, gets a new hairdo on Monday; the whole world copies it on Tuesday. Charles, 42, is one of the best-dressed men on earth.

Real Estate: Fit for a king.

Long-Term Potential: Constant Fleet Street rumors about peccadilloes, real or imagined, but they’ll never break up. 85

JANE PAULEY, 40, and GARRY TRUDEAU, 42, have been married 10 years.

Career Ups and Downs: In October, Trudeau celebrated the 20th anniversary of Doonesbury. Pauley left the Today show a year ago but bounced right back in Real Life with Jane Pauley.

Joint Checking Account: Pauley makes an estimated $1.4 million a year. Doonesbury brings in about $600,000 annually.

Extra Credit: These homebodies earn points for togetherness. They have three kids, and Jane has said, “I married a I man who was ready and able to do his 50 percent or better in child rearing.” 77

ROBERT DOLE, 67, is the Senate Minority Leader. ELIZABETH (LIDDY) DOLE, 54, was Reagan’s Transportation Secretary and Bush’s Labor Secretary, now president of the American Red Cross. Their 15-year marriage is his second, her first.

Joint Checking Account: Skimpy compared with most Power Couples. Liddy pulls down $185,000 a year; Bob has his senatorial salary of $98,400.

Fashion Sense: Get serious.

Long-Term Potential: Excellent. They’re the Lunt and Fontanne of the inside-the-Beltway set. 79

DON JOHNSON, 40, and MELANIE GRIFFITH, 33, were married briefly when they were both youngsters. Three marriages (one for him, two for her), two children (one each) and 13 years later, they’re back together. Daughter Dakota Mayi, 14 months old, makes three.

Career Ups and Downs: May be big test. Melanie’s is on the upswing (Pacific Heiglils, The Bonfire of the Vanities), while Don’s hasn’t taken off since Miami Vice’s demise.

Sex Appeal: High marks.

Long-Term Potential: Older and wiser, the Grover Cleveland of couples may prove love is better the second time around. 75

It’s really When Harry Mel Sally… CONNIE CHUNG, 44, and MAURY POVICH, 51, met in 1969 but didn’t marry until 1984.

Track Record: One previous marriage for Maury; zip for Connie.

Joint Checking Account: Very healthy; she earns some $2 million a year for Face to Face with Connie Chung; he’ll pull down about the same for his new talk show.

Sex Appeal: Add points for her hair; subtract for his. Call it a wash.

Extra Credit: Last summer Chung went public with her desire to have a baby, a goal she says they are “pursuing aggressively.” Chutzpah points! 73

It took 52 years, but SUPERMAN/CLARK KENT finally (in the December issue) got engaged to the long-suffering LOIS LANE. Her biological clock must be chiming like Big Ben, but anything’s possible in the world of comic-strip heroes.

Joint Checking Account: Pretty paltry, considering reporters’ salaries.

Fashion Sense: Bad news: those suits. Good News: He was into spandex way early. Lois ought to loosen up a bit.

Altruism: Hard to top a guy always mouthing off about “truth, justice and the American way.” 80

She was rumored to be seeing a Prince of a guy, but by spring, KIM BASINGER, 36, only had eyes for ALEC BALDWIN, 32.

Career Ups and Downs: Possible problem. With The Hunt for Red October, Baldwin’s star is on the rise, but Basinger hasn’t been seen since 1989’s Batman.

P.D.A.: Yuck! There’s just so much kissy-face the public will stand for. And subtract fashion points every time Kim goes out.

Long-Term Potential: Next spring they star in The Marrying Man. Will life imitate art? 51

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, 43, had a very muscular hit, Total Recall, this summer, and Kindergarten Cop, his Christmas flick, is flexing its biceps too. Back from maternity leave after their first baby, MARIA SHRIVER, 35, went prime time with Cutting Edge with Maria Shriver.

Joint Checking Account: He has the cash; she has the cachet. Arnold got at least $10 million for Total Recall, and Maria, of course, is a Kennedy.

Extra Bipartisanship Credit: She’s a Democrat; he’s a Republican.

Long-Term Potential: Will she still want him if he stops going to the gym? 88

JULIA ROBERTS, 23, jumped into the $1 million-per-movie club with Pretty Woman. KIEFER SUTHERLAND, 23, had a busy—if not too distinguished—cinematic year, appearing in four forgettable flicks. Sutherland divorced his wife of three years (they had one child), and he and Roberts began showing up together last winter.

Sex Appeal: She’s got enough for both of them.

Long-Term Prospects: She’s sporting a diamond, but no talk of marriage. 60

Who would have picked Hollywood’s aerobics queen and Atlanta’s cable king to be the Power Couple of 1990? Yet TED TURNER, 51, and JANE FONDA, 53, found love and visited Gorby (while attending the Soviet premiere of Gone with the Wind).

Joint Checking Account: Looking good. Ted’s net worth is estimated at $1.3 billion. She’s a multimillionaire.

Altruism: Pick a liberal cause, any liberal cause, and Jane has supported it.

P.D.A.: Always holding hands. Ted gave Jane an engagement ring, but no wedding date yet.

Long-Term Potential: Both married twice before. Third time’s the charm? 93

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