By People Staff
May 20, 1985 12:00 PM

It had been a distinctly odd pairing from the very first—she, a statuesque postpunk rocker with a shock of bright orange (lately blond) hair, and he a squat, retiring German who had embraced the Hare Krishna movement. So when the Eurythmics’ Annie Lennox, 30, announced three weeks ago that after 14 months of marriage she had separated from Radha Raman, 32, it came as no great surprise. Even Lennox allowed that it might have been a mismatch: “Perhaps I was a bit impetuous.”

The Scottish-born singer had met Raman early last year, when the Eurythmics were a month into a grueling world tour. A high-strung sort who has admitted to bouts of desperate loneliness, Lennox was plagued by throat problems and ill at ease with her role as a rock star. Raman and a group of Krishnas prepared a vegetarian spread for the group after a concert in West Germany, and she was “immensely grateful” when he concocted a homeopathic medicine for her throat. After that the Krishnas traveled with the band throughout Europe, and the arresting androgyne and her spiritual sidekick were soon spending hours together, Annie learning some of the Krishna chants and adopting the group’s rigid vegetarian diet.

After the two wed in a spur-of-the-moment ceremony in New York, Lennox bought a house near Lucerne and vowed to keep the relationship under wraps. “My life is so public, I must keep him private,” she declared. She appeared at parties, awards ceremonies and music business bashes without him, and he was seldom seen at the Eurythmics’ studio in North London. The singer never took him to Aberdeen to meet her blue-collar parents, and he became an increasingly forlorn background figure in her hectic life. Friends say he found it more and more difficult to maintain his Krishna discipline, and that by the time the two separated he had reportedly lapsed to the point of taking an occasional drink.

Lennox seems to have emerged from the split relatively unscathed. With a new Eurythmics LP (Be Yourself Tonight) in the stores, she is set to star in several videos and is about to take on her first feature film role—a small part in Revolution, a war saga starring Al Pacino. By her own account, she jettisoned the Krishnas when she shed Raman; at a London party for the new LP, Annie declared, “I’m having a sabbatical from all religious forms.”