By People Staff
Updated March 31, 1997 12:00 PM

TOP NASHVILLE HAT ACT TRACY LAWRENCE DOFFED HIS trademark Stetson, cut his shoulder-length hair and even shaved his moustache for his Ides of March wedding to Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Stephenie (Stacie) Drew. “I don’t mind if he grows the moustache back,” jests the bride, who encouraged the trimmings, “but I do have one complaint. You get hair in your mouth.”

That ticklish subject aside, Lawrence, 29, and Drew, 27, won raves from 500 guests who attended the evening candlelight ceremony in Dallas’s flower-filled Highland Park Presbyterian Church. “This is wonderful,” gushed father of the bride John Drew, a wealthy Dallas insurance broker whose daughter’s beaded gown, a creation of local designer Rani Rajkitkul, was handmade in Bangkok. “Stacie is beautiful, Tracy is a good man. What else could a father want?”

How about a great guest list? Among those on hand were Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman and cheerleader Ronda Cates, who was with the bride when she met the groom at the 1996 Super Bowl in Tempe, Ariz. “I’m really happy for him,” says Aikman, adding ruefully that he used to see more of his pal. “I lost out to Stacie.”

Just before the couple exchanged vows and matching diamond and platinum bands, the strains of Handel and Bach gave way to the twang of country singer Kenny Chesney, who serenaded the couple with his hit “Me and You.”

Later, at the reception in Dallas’s posh Crescent Club, bride and groom danced as Tracy Byrd sang “Keeper of the Stars.” After guests feasted on shrimp, frog legs and fajitas, things got a tad rowdy as Toby Keith performed some rock oldies and Lawrence picked some tunes of his own.

Shortly after divorcing his first wife, former rodeo barrel racer Frances Weatherford, the Arkansas-bred Lawrence met Drew, a Michigan native who moved to Texas at 10 and became a Cowboys cheerleader in 1994. “I was lonely, looking for someone to love,” he says. “He was really sweet,” says she. After a long-distance courtship, he popped the question in August. She recalls: “He took off his hat, got down on one knee, and I felt something slip onto my finger.”

Now, following a honeymoon in Maui, the couple will settle at his 500-acre ranch outside Nashville. While he tours to promote his The Coast Is Clear album, she will leave her Cowboys gig, with some regrets. “I’ll miss the girls. I’ll miss 60,000 people cheering,” says Drew. “But it’s time to move on.”