October 19, 2011 12:00 PM

When a group of close girlfriends get together, the topic of conversation is bound to turn to men at some point. And, if Miranda Lambert is involved, not taking any crap from men. “This song was three girls in a room fantasizing about what they would take from a man that wasn’t treating them so good,” says Lambert, 27, of “Hell on Heels,” the first single from her new all-girl trio, Pistol Annies. The song was “written in about an hour” with fellow Annies (and close Lambert pals) Angaleena Presley, 35, and Ashley Monroe, 25, on Lambert’s tour bus. “It was like a slumber party,” says Lambert. “We kept thinking of scenarios where you’re like, ‘What do you want to get?’ And Ashley’s like, ‘I want a high-rise flat!’ ‘And what do you want?’ ‘I want some land in Mexico!'”

While the Annies maintain the song isn’t autobiographical (“We’re not that ruthless,” says Presley), they admit they can relate just a little bit. During the writing process, “Ashley at one point was like, ‘Actually, I do have my boyfriend’s credit card in my wallet right now,'” says Presley. “And I was like, ‘Me too!'” Lambert, who married singer Blake Shelton earlier this year, isn’t completely innocent either. “Every time Blake and I go out to eat, I conveniently forget to bring my wallet and he has to pay for it,” she admits. Simply put, says Monroe, “we’ve all used our power a little bit-a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!”

Right now, what these girls want to do is spread their message. “This song is meant to be fun,” says Lambert, “but if a man isn’t doing the right thing, we say get out and take all you can!” (Consider yourself warned, Blake Shelton.)

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