September 10, 2001 12:00 PM

Name: David Edwards, 46

Job: Just laid off as a fiber optics technician

Home: Westwood, Ky.

Family: Daughter Tiffany Lee, 11, and fiancée Shawna, 26

Previous milestones: Served 11 years for robbery and firearms possession

Reaction to winning: “It’s a poor man’s dream.”

Big plans: Rolls-Royce for him, red Ferrari for Shawna

Extra alimony payments? No. “The same day I won, [my ex-wife] got married at 4 p.m. I became a millionaire at midnight. Congratulations, hon.”

Name: Pat Wales, 60

Job: Disbursement specialist at a financial institution

Home: Buxton, Maine

Family: Husband Erwin, 70; two cats, Pumpkin and Squash; plus five kids and several grandchildren

Lucky days: Took home $25 in two other lotteries that weekend

Reaction to winning: “I said, ‘Erwin, I think we’ve won Powerball.’ And he says, ‘Yup,’ and goes back to sleep.”

Quit job? A leave of absence for now

Big plans: Replace Erwin’s 1990 pickup with 141,000 miles on it

First move: New unlisted phone number

Name: Sheryel Hanuman, 41

Job: Medical records clerk

Home: Roseville, Minn.

Family: Husband Chrisna, 42, a nurse; and three sons, ages 9, 10 and 11

How it happened: Purchased five tickets while buying a wedding card

Reaction to winning: “Naw, I must have heard it wrong.”

Quit job? You bet.

Big plans: Sock some money away for all those future tuition bills

Kids’ cut: Her sons asked her for $10. They’ll probably get more.

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