By People Staff
May 06, 1996 12:00 PM

PIERCE BROSNAN’S FIRST BRUSH WITH VANITY WAS NOT A BRUSH AT all, but a comb. He pulled one out of a church grab bag in his native County Meath, Ireland, at age 8, and, he confesses, “posturing came into my life. I became this kid who completely got into his hair.” Now 43, the latest heir to James Bond’s high-tech gadgets is “still a hair-oriented guy,” he says, smiling. “Once it’s okay, I’m happy.” He even remembers finding his first gray strand while shooting Mrs. Doubtfire in 1993: “I was sitting in the makeup trailer. I thought it was just a little highlight from the sun. Then I moved, and it moved with me.” Brosnan doesn’t mind, though. “I’ve gone through my ingenue period,” he says. “When I turned 40, I did feel the cage rattle, but my features seem to be getting better with age. A bit more life has crept into the eyes and across the face. That helps.” Wholeheartedly agreeing is his GoldenEye costar Famke Janssen, who recalls “all the female journalists on the set going nuts. You’re not used to seeing that kind of perfection in a man. The nose, the eyes, the hair, the face structure—everything. I can’t believe this person is so damned perfect!” Brosnan watches his diet and works out at the gym to stay that way. “If I were to drink a six-pack every day and put lashings of butter on my bread and not exercise,” he says, “the Bond franchise would be very annoyed with me.”