September 12, 1983 12:00 PM

Okay, so this film is moronic, but you have to admire it for sheer gall. On the theory that there’s always an audience for a) musclemen adventure-fantasies and b) Star Wars rip-offs, Italian director Anthony M. Dawson (real name: Antonio Margheriti) has combined the two in a single production. The resulting story line is incomprehensible; it has to do with a strong, fair-haired hero who is caught in a time warp and must fight his way out of the Stone Age to return to his own high-tech society somewhere in the far distance. Little-known American actor Reb Brown has the title role. He is equally invincible with stone ax or death ray, depending on circumstances, and makes the transition through the countless millennia with nary a change in expression or loin cloth. French actress Corinne Clery, fetchingly togged in a prehistoric off-the-shoulder number, heads a female supporting cast that takes turns lusting after Brown’s sleek, unbruisable physique. The blatantly imitative special effects range from monster lizards to Darth Vader look-alikes, and the dialogue runs to lines like “This is no place for man or beast” and “My destiny carries me elsewhere.” If you’re lucky, yours will too. (PG)

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