By David Hiltbrand
March 11, 1991 12:00 PM

Fox (Thurs., March 7, 8:30 P.M. ET)


The planned six episodes of this documentary series will follow students at Glenbard West High School in the Chicago suburb of Glen Ellyn through the shortest months of their lives: those of their senior year.

It’s a fascinating, volatile period. As you watch these kids deal with family, friendship, romance and school matters, you see how mature and self-contained they are most of the time and how flustered and erratic they can be at other times. The adults seem more affected in the presence of the camera than the teens do.

The shows focus on the school’s most colorful characters: a female ice-hockey goalie, a recovering teenage alcoholic, the football quarterback, a former gang member, the homecoming queen, etc. Even so, each half hour contains more tedium than it does high drama. (Two nights later, at the same time on Saturday, the show moves into its regular slot.)

For kids, Yearbook is an intriguing opportunity to compare and contrast their own experiences. For the rest of us…