September 10, 2001 12:00 PM

OXYGEN Avalon (Sparrow) One part heart-wrenching R&B balladry and two parts teen-pop, this coed Christian quartet’s songs testify to the power of love and their faith in God. Ideal for parents, kids and Jessica Simpson fans alike.

STILL STANDING Full Force (Forceful/TVT) This greatest-hits set includes not only Full Force’s ’80s R&B classics (“Alice, I Want You Just for Me”) but hits the group produced for everyone from James Brown (“Static”) to Backstreet Boys (“All I Have to Give”).

MILK & HONEY: 10 HITS TO BLISS Itaal Shur (Wave) Having won a Grammy for cowriting the Santana smash “Smooth,” Shur steps out on this blissful dance disc, on which retro-funk cuts such as “Feel Good” help a listener do just that.

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