By People Staff
October 16, 2000 12:00 PM

>DUST BOWL BALLADS Woody Guthrie (Buddha) Recorded in 1940, these folk songs paint a vivid portrait of American street life during the Depression. Digitally enhanced, the CD reveals Guthrie’s links not only to Dylan and Springsteen but also to today’s rappers.

HOTCAKES & OUTTAKES Little Feat (Rhino) They’re best known for the amalgam of blues, jazz, rock and psychedelic wit they made with Lowell George (who died in 1979). This collects Feat’s best, plus lost gems and newer highlights.

THE SUGAR TREE Amy Rigby (Koch) A brilliant singer-songwriter who also happens to be a grownup, Rigby spins lovely tunes around the age-old quandary: How can one person raise a kid, earn a living, stay in love and still have time for fun?