By People Staff
July 09, 1984 12:00 PM

Big Country

The critical hue and cry that last year greeted this Scottish band’s debut album, The Crossing, celebrated a radical concept: an ’80s group without synthesizers or digital drumming, a group whose idea of high tech is plugging their guitars into a fuzz box. The full-fledged follow-up to The Crossing will be released this fall. This EP, which contains four songs, is designed to keep the group in the public eye, but only its title song matches the energy and mesmerizing textures that marked The Crossing. Stuart Adamson and Bruce Watson do blend guitars in inventive ways. And All Fall Together, mixed by Jimmy lovine, is given a martial drum undertone, with a chorus that sounds like a plaintive anthem a stadium full of desperate baseball fans might sing. If nothing else, Big Country’s sound is still refreshingly different. (Mercury-Polygram)