March 23, 1987 12:00 PM

Sharlyne Powell and Sharon McConnell of Yakima, Wash, don’t call themselves fat but “fluffy,” a more endearing term for “large ladies.” In 1984 the partners launched a fitness center franchising operation and have expanded to include exercise togs for the tubby. They have also developed a medically tested exercise routine designed for women who weigh in at around 200 pounds. (One of their clients started out at 500 pounds.) This ably directed 50-minute video focuses first on the upper and lower torso with plenty of pauses to check your heart rate (they teach you how). A light cardiovascular workout and an intense tummy-tush floor segment are added to reduce and shape full figures. As an instructor, Powell can sound on the shrill side in her zeal to be spunky; McConnell adds a softer tone. But the real standouts are the gymnasium full of “fluffy ladies” who exercise along with the instructors, moving gracefully and glowing with self-esteem. (Women at Large, 1020 S. 48th Ave., Yakima, Wash. 98908, $39.95)

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