June 13, 1988 12:00 PM

“Is your size holding you captive? Do you use weight as an excuse not to exercise?” Then break out, ladies of large girth, with this slick new production from Sharlyne Powell and Sharon McConnell, creators of the franchised Women at Large exercise salons. Their fitness routine, designed for the woman who weighs 175 lbs. and up, is performed with almost balletic grace by the instructors and seven acolytes. Specific movements are carefully explained in a booklet that also tells how to test your heart rate between such segments as “Arm Charmers,” “Tummy Tighteners” and “Bun Burners.” (The tape warns viewers to consult a doctor before they attempt to begin the exercise program.) The 50-minute routine is followed by a series of inspiring personal messages-and plugs for the salon-from each of the ladies seen on the tape. “Everybody has a rosebud inside,” says one glowing devotee, who summarizes the general sentiment, “and I’m just glad that I was able to find my rosebud because it’s now blooming.” (IVE, $29.95, 800-LADY-FIT)

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