By David Hiltbrand
March 02, 1992 12:00 PM

NBC (Man., March 2, 9 P.M. ET)


And what a past it is. Pamela (Kindergarten Cop) Reed plays a suburban supermom, Dee Johnson, with an affectionate husband (The A-Team’s Dwight Sehultz), two happy sons and a bustling real estate business. Then one day federal marshals ring the doorbell, slap cuds on Johnson and cart her oil to jail. Turns out she is an escaped convict who had been serving time in a West Virginia prison for armed robbery.

As she explains matters to her shocked family, we flash back through her transformation from Bonnie-and-Clyde bandita to Betty Crocker.

Unfortunately, the movie wants to have it both ways: tell a shocking tale and present Reed as a helpless victim, forced into a life of crime by her first husband (Richard Linebeck), a trailer-park yahoo. We’re left with a tabloid story that doesn’t have the stomach to get down and dirty.