September 10, 1984 12:00 PM

“Chinese cooking is like making love,” notes Stephan Yan as he jokes through one of his savory samples of Chinese culinary art. “It takes a long time to prepare, but the actual cooking time is very short.” In this zesty tape Yan’s wok, the traditional vessel for Chinese stir frying, is a boundless source of comic side play, as well as a way to prepare traditional dishes ranging from fried rice to chicken with cashews. Without distracting from the essentials, Yan’s amusing approach makes wokking seem accessible to all. He describes the basic tools and ingredients, shows how to wield a cleaver without losing any fingers and offers tips on shopping for food. Then he cavorts through 50 minutes of recipes for favorite Cantonese dishes. For anyone who has wanted to try cooking Chinese, this crisply produced tape is a surefryer way to get started. As Yan is fond of saying, “Wok the heck?” (Embassy Home Entertainment, $39.95)

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