October 14, 1991 12:00 PM

Syndicated (check local listings)


It’s like a high-school reunion where only the people you didn’t like show up. Bumbling station manager Mr. Carlson (Gordon Jump), Herb the crass salesman (Frank Bonner) and nervous newsman Les (Richard Sanders) were lured back for this revival of the spunky ’70s sitcom about an Ohio radio station. But there’s no Jennifer (Loni Anderson), no Venus Flytrap (Tim Reid) and no Andy (Gary Sandy). Dr. Fever (Howard Hesseman) turns up occasionally, but his ineffectual guest spots only confirm that WKRP’s glory days are long gone.

Among the new cast members, the liveliest are Michael Des Barres and Kathleen Garrett as a morning DJ team with a troubled marriage. (She: “Have you looked in the mirror lately? Would you have sex with you?” He: “What other choice do I have, my darling?”)

The acting and writing have slid downhill since the original show. But maybe that’s fitting. Have you listened to the dreary donkey ride that is rock radio lately?

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