March 28, 2005 12:00 PM


by Elizabeth George


“I’d very much like someone to explain the human race to me,” says New Scotland Yard’s acting superintendent Thomas Lynley. The mutilated bodies of mixed-race adolescent boys are being discovered throughout London, setting in motion for Lynley a journey to humanity’s dark side. His slow progress frustrates his image-conscious boss, who wants to dispel any appearance of institutional racism. The pressure is on.

George’s 13th Lynley mystery, Witness is a satisfying blend of suspense and psychological case study. The reader is afforded glimpses into the killer’s mind, the twisted nature of which becomes clearer as the narrative unfolds. Weaving issues of race, gender, class and politics into her skillfully crafted prose, George creates a morally complex world that illuminates the ways in which everyone’s motives are suspect—even our own.

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