November 07, 1994 12:00 PM

Tom Petty

On Petty’s first solo outing since 1989’s Full Moon Fever, he tinkers with his winning, classic rock style—and ends up mostly with bland ballads and songs that just lose steam. “House in the Woods” and “Wake Up Time” are prime examples of tracks that lack Petty’s usual melodic punch. Luckily he gets some help from his longtime cohorts, the Heartbreakers. Petty manages to score with “You Wreck Me,” one of his vintage, three-chord rockers best played loud while cruising down the freeway, and the swampy, Creedence-esque ode to love-making “Cabin Down Below.” Still, T.P. fans may get a bigger kick from the recent Petty tribute disc You Got Lucky (Backyard/Alleged/Scotti Bros.) featuring a wonderfully motley group of obscure indie bands. They capture the hard-rockin’ spirit that’s often lacking here. (Warner Bros.)

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