October 23, 2000 12:00 PM

by Phillip Margolin

Page-turner of the week

Consider yourself warned. Should you be unable to resist dipping into this gripping thriller as a prelude to shut-eye, don’t blame the consequences on us. Spot lawyer-turned-novelist Margolin even a few pages, and we’re talking a more potent rush than anything brewed by Starbucks.

For heroine Amanda Jaffe, the wild ride starts soon after the recent law school grad returns home to Portland, Ore., to join the firm headed by her father, a noted criminal attorney. Soon she is tapped to help him defend surgeon Vincent Cardoni. Handsome and brilliant but also arrogant and abrasive, Cardoni gives Amanda the creeps—and that’s before he’s charged with torturing and murdering nine people.

Though all the evidence points to Cardoni, trust Margolin (Gone, but Not Forgotten) to come up with another plausible suspect—and another. To reveal any more of his devious plot would surely be criminal. But expect the unexpected through the heart-stopping finale. (Harper Collins, $26)

Bottom Line: Wild, indeed

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