May 31, 1993 12:00 PM

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In this two-part espionage thriller (and I use that word reluctantly), a mysterious Parisian baroness (Patricia Millardet) hires the world’s foremost antiterrorist agent (Roy Scheider) to go after the deadly, never-seen Caliph. Scheider’s leg man is played by Ted McGinley (Married…with Children), sporting a silly goatee and an even sillier Southern accent.

A project like this lives and dies with its action scenes, and this Italian-American coproduction is absolutely moribund. Scheider, who gets his own futuristic underwater adventure series, seaQuest DSV, on NBC next year, looks like he’s having trouble staying awake. For instance, when Millardet disrobes and slinks toward his bed for the first time, he gazes at her as if she’s an overdue notice from the electric company.

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