June 17, 1985 12:00 PM

by Billy Joe Tatum

Yes, Aunt Josephine, there really is an elderberry wine, and a recipe for it is in this book by a woman who “lives and forages in the Arkansas Ozarks with her family.” The wine takes two quarts of berries, plus two months of waiting. Perhaps the tastiest and most practical suggestions, though, are the recipes for salads, vegetables and soups made of wild leeks, or chives, black walnuts, dandelions, watercress, violet leaves, bracken and other fern fronds, cattails, Jerusalem artichokes, milkweed, pokeweed and pepper grass. There are careful illustrations to aid in the identification of mushrooms, but they all look too much alike for most amateurs to risk. Anyway, the reading may be more fun than finding the food and preparing it. (Workman, $6.95)

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