September 08, 1986 12:00 PM

Wil is a rather strange duck as cartoon fowl go. For one thing, he’s so sedate Daffy and Donald would hardly recognize him as a bird of a feather. For another, he’s Welsh. This 50-minute collection of 10 short tales about Wil and his friends, originally produced for Welsh television in 1983, is extraordinarily gentle. It should appeal to children who like such traditional British stories as the Tale of Peter Rabbit or The Pie and the Patty-Pan. Wil never has to worry about anything more serious than getting the hiccups, being late for school or being the butt of an April Fool joke. His eating habits are peculiar—worm cake, wasp porridge and snail cream pancakes are among his favorites—but let’s not hold that against him. More discomforting is the fact that actress Liza Ross, who was hired for this tape, has an American accent, which hardly seems appropriate even in this country. (Family Home Entertainment, $14.95)

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