April 12, 2004 12:00 PM

Four months after Melana Scantlin broke his heart on national TV in the first Average Joe, Adam Mesh, 28, is set to break some hearts of his own on the April 5 finale of Average Joe: Adam Returns. “I’m nervous because I have these people’s feelings in my hands,” he says. Here’s a look at the five women vying for his affection.

SAMANTHA TRENK, 24 department store saleswoman, New York City

MEMORABLE MOMENT Their kiss on the hotel balcony after their one-on-one golf date. “There was a lot of chemistry between us.”

WHY SHE MIGHT WIN “Right off the bat we had a friendship, and that’s important. We have so many similarities.”

CHRISTINE MORELL, 25 cooking instructor, Huntington Beach, Calif.

MEMORABLE MOMENT The gondola ride around the hotel. “That was pretty romantic. It was really our first time being together.”

WHY SHE MIGHT WIN “He’s looking for a girl he doesn’t have to ‘think’ with, who’s not high maintenance. I’m that person.”

STEPHANIE CAHN, 23 junior account exec, New York City

MEMORABLE MOMENT On-camera, Adam learns she and Samantha are best friends. “It was weird to hear about each other’s dates.”

WHY SHE MIGHT WIN “I felt I had known him for so long. Our personalities clicked.”

AMY WORTH, 23 human-resources manager, Long Beach, Calif.

MEMORABLE MOMENT Hot-tubbing in the rain. “I was the one that suggested it. I felt comfortable with Adam from the very beginning.”

WHY SHE MIGHT WIN “We have a lot of fun. I told him I was in it to find a great person, and Adam is what I’m looking for.”

RACHEL GOETZ, 24 second-grade teacher, New City, N.Y.

MEMORABLE MOMENT The one-on-one date at the cabin after snowboarding. “When we kissed in the hot tub, it just felt like the butterflies.”

WHY SHE MIGHT WIN “We both like to watch sports movies and quote them. His favorite is Rocky and mine is Rudy.”

“I’ve always been a romantic,” says Mesh. “I look forward to having a best friend and more.”


1 Because for grown-ups with a perverse enthusiasm for bizarre children’s programming, this PBS Kids show aimed at preschoolers easily surpasses the mesmerizing strangeness of the Teletubbies. (It’s from the same British creator, Anne Wood.) The five Boohbahs, who look like furry infants dipped in Easter-egg dye, live in globes of pulsating energy that trail psychedelic rainbows. Unlike Teletubbies, they do not eat, talk or titter; they rise up from what look like sleep pods and perform playful exercises (the show is designed to stimulate activity). Sometimes they’ll parachute into a void of neon light and, with hands linked, chime together in a karmic hum. It’s like the alternate world in The Matrix, only cute.

2 Because just when the Boohbahs’ weirdness moves past charming into disturbing—their eyes click from one side to the other, like one of those cat clocks—they let a troupe of human actors perform bits of silent physical comedy with jump ropes, seesaws and jack-in-the-boxes. Not funny, really, but a welcome dose of reality.

3 Because for me, the workouts outs are easy! Which may be why the Boohbahs appear to have a body fat content of 75 percent.

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