September 26, 1988 12:00 PM

Ready? Toss a ball from hand to hand, letting it get as high as forehead level. Now take a second ball—or try beanbags, which don’t stray when dropped—and when the first tossed ball reaches the top of its arc, toss the second ball. Don’t forget to toss the balls in a flat plane—don’t let them get too far away or too close—at the same height each time. “Now you’re ready to embark on the adventures of three-ball juggling,” gushes narrator Richard Eldridge. And oh, boy, what an adventure. “Start with the two-ball toss, then toss the second ball inside the first and the third ball inside the second.” Oh, yes, and be sure to begin each toss with alternate hands. Of course you’ll feel every bit the tumbler when you watch pro juggler Dan Menendez, but even he drops a ball once in this 24-minute how-to tape. Menendez’ moves are demonstrated in slow motion, and viewers can watch the beginning efforts of an assortment of people who look like they live in a singles condo for jugglers. If you master the three-ball cascade, you may want to impress your pals with a reverse cascade or by passing balls between partners, tossing nine balls or bouncing a few off your head. How about tossing machetes? Instructions for these more complicated flourishes are cursory, but practice, practice, practice, and in no time David Letterman will be calling. (Start Right, $24.95; 800-526-7002)

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